Monaco Foods

Monaco Foods, established in 2001, is a service oriented company that shares the values of honesty, integrity and commitment, bringing an incredible diversity of products, from around the world, servicing the Foodservice and Retail sectors.


Currently growing its presence in the United States and with distribution to countries in the Caribbean, Central and South America and the Cruise Industry.


Headquarters is located in South Florida, yet, with partners worldwide, Monaco has imported/exported throughout over 150 countries. Our focus is back to basics, to listen to our customers, provide PREMIUM QUALITY PRODUCTS, excellent customer service and continuously exceed their expectations.


Import and market premium quality foods in the Americas and the Caribbean, by positioning our products and brands with high levels of service, to exceed the expectations of our customers.


Being recognized as the best alternative in the market of food distribution in the Americas and the Caribbean.


INTEGRITY: Our Company is integrated with people with a high sense of professionalism in their actions, expectations of work and personal growth, dynamic commitment to excellence, all coming together to ensure that their performance within the company is reflected and consistently exceeding expectations of our customers.


INNOVATION: Our human capital can create and provide valuable insights that lead to fulfillment and success of our goals.


TEAMWORK: We are willing to assume the responsibilities and act together to ensure the success of each project, because ultimately at the end, the company’s growth is reflective of the growth of each of its members.


COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE: Our actions are guided by the purpose of our commitment of excellence to our suppliers and customers, raising confidence in our Company and our products while creating strategic partnerships.


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